Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sass-Bahu series

The birds can wait. While the bride takes the test. The upcoming visit of the mother-in-law that is. She will be home in four days time to be with her son and oldest bahu. *Drum roll*

Oooeie Ma...I wish someone gave you a heads up and warn you on whats in store. . In the following months you are home, taking care of the little one - you may want to grip onto something before you faint and chant more mantras in a day than you have ever in a year.

The tip of the bahu-berg:
-- She cuts her hair whenever she is bored of life in general (the webcam was angled to look like she always had gorgeous thick hair)

-- Back from work and also on weekends, she laze around in shorts and sleevless Tees (it was the mosquitoes in Hyderabad that made her wear salwar kameez and chunni wrapped over. I know, I know, you assumed the West didn't deter her dressing codes)

-- Ildis and dosas visit only on weekends, if at all. Else it is bread, bagel and cornflakes (now you know why your son pounced on the medhu vadas and gobbled idlis last time he visited)

-- Week day dinners are made in a jiffy:- parathas and masalas give way to wraps and grass (the recipes you gave her were recently dusted after your tickets were booked)

-- Clothes pile up and when her bra is worn two days in a row, she loads the washer to its max capacity. She also forgets to fold immideately from the dryer leading to a crumpled wrinkled mess. And that she thrusts to your son's face and cries, "nobody helps me round the house"

-- Your son prepares the morning tea while she snores away, snuggled with her little one. She even have the nerve to comment how bad the tea tastes sometimes

-- She argues. Loudly. Fiercly. Hold on to "her" views dearly. Takes in defeat with resentment. Loudly. Fiercly. *repeat repeat*

-- Puts music on high on Sat/Sun mornings. Silly dance. All in the name of entertaining her little one.

-- Not keen on wearing her thali/mangalasutra if it doesn't go with what she dons (Someone please bring in some water and sprinkle the ma-in-law's face)

But there is hope....

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